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7 Best Sunrise Amateur Shots from Team Coast #CaptureKenya

The sun at the coast rises too fast and too early, so you have to be up and awake by 5 am to catch it at is most beautiful. Places like Lamu might even need you to wake up earlier.

The gorgeous part of the sunrise takes all of 25 minutes, then the small pink horizon changes to orange, and then by 7 is as hot as chicken-feather-plucking water.

Here are my best 7, taken with my loyal Sony Xperia S-the charge guzzler that I took for this epic adventure.

#7 Lamu


The sun rises over Manda Island and sets across the horizon from Shela. Sunrises might be a bit plain when you see the alternatives, but the sunsets in Lamu from Shela are the most scenic wonders of the orange balls, except for an eclipse, that you have ever seen.

#6 Lamu Too




#5 Vasco da Gama


The producer, Chela, keeps mispronouncing the Portguese explorer’s name as “Vasco Gadama.’

 #4 The sun from Watamu

The sun is already harsh by 0610 hours.  The guy swimming in the middle is a burly guy we designated our group thug, Ronnie.

The sun is already harsh by 0610 hours. The guy swimming in the middle is a burly guy we designated our group thug, Ronnie.

Sunrise in Watamu starts a bit later than it does in Lamu, but might not be as picturesque as the sunset.

We had already left Turtle Bay by the time the eclipse happened. Then a friend tagged me in this image of the solar eclipse as viewed from Watamu…

#3 Mombasa


Not much to see from the beach, but the dance between the clouds and the orange ball is captivating. I took this photo at 6.10 am, which means the sun might rise latest here compared to Lamu and Malindi.


#2 Mida boring


The mouth of the creek is visible on the far right. The sun was actually rising in the opposite direction, but the way it lights up the area makes the creek look so harmless. You can walk inside most of its expanse. 

#1 Mida’s Secrets

Mida 1

My personal favorite. Mida Creek is astonishingly beautiful, and the purple sky when the sun is peeking out will remain a highlight of this journey.

 Owaahh, 2013.


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#CaptureKenya : 4 things I’ve learnt about Photography from Migz of Magiq Lens

#4 Redundancy is Good, Redundancy is Everything

Writer’s hate redundancy, and we actively edit our work to get rid of that scourge. But photographers love it! It gives them the chance to take as many shots as possible, and to be ready whenever a spontaneous moment presents itself.

Migz’s burden is a photographer’s backpack, complete with compartments for more batteries than he might need, numerous memory cards, the lights, flash units, lenses, and a host of other things.

These are just two of his four bags, hoader!

These are just two of his four bags, hoader!

Each shot submitted back to the client is just one in an average 20 taken for each scene, not counting the numerous test shots to balance lighting and the flash units.

#3 Good is never Good Enough, Know when to quit

A Perfect shot is never that, and one must learn when to quit. Searching for the perfect shot is a creative process much like writing, sometimes it just presents itself, sometimes you have to squeeze it out of its dungeon.

We spent 45 minutes on this scene but it didn't work. The poles in the foreground were too much and the activity wasn't...

We spent 45 minutes on this scene but it didn’t work. The poles in the foreground were too much and the activity wasn’t…

#2 Photography is Art, Photographers are Crazy too

I can't even caption this one.

I can’t even caption this one.

Amateur photographers like me with good cameras tend to blame our gadgets for our rare good shots. Professional photography though, is more dependent on the brain than on the camera. The brain is the most important equipment.

Migz’s Canon is a marvel, it has numerous options and facilities, and can be adjusted to walk on selfies of itself. Okay, not really. But you get the idea.

Staging a photograph is a work of pure art, a composing process of sorts. Your words are the models, and your camera the piano. If the keys are working then you don’t have to think about it. In fact, it shouldn’t matter. A good photographer will get good shots even with a shitty camera…

 #1 Photography is Sacrifice, and lots of water


Have you ever seen a photograph so impossible that it had to be fake? One that makes you wonder where the photographer was positioned for the image to be so powerful?

Its all about dirt and getting wet, and flying, and doing whatever it takes to face your fears. When Migz is in his element, he focuses on his camera and the ‘music.’ He loses himself sometimes, completely, and will venture to stomach high waters to get that perfect shot. There was a hilarious moment when he fell into the water while getting off the sailing boat.


Do not be afraid to get your balls wet.


Owaahh©, 2013.

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7 Things that Strike You about Lamu on Day One ( #CaptureKenya )

Lamu Tamu. This whole week, I will be shadowing Migz as he takes photos for Safaricom’s 2014 calendar challenge. Safaricom always finds a way to shine in its branding and for next year’s calendar; five of the best photographers in the country are tasked with capturing Kenyans in their day-to-day hustle.

Migz of MagiqLens KE has Lamu/Malindi/Watamu, Mutua Matheka has Central Province, Allan Gachigi has Kisumu and the rest of Nyanza, Tom Otieno has Nairobi Region, and Isabel Gathoni has Rift Valley. Each has a producer and a blogger embedded to document the process and the magic. So, @CrazyNairobian, @KevdaNative, @Raidarmax, @Mwirigi, and I will live, breathe and exist #CaptureKenya this entire week from different parts of the country.

#7 Lamu is an Island accessible only by sea


If you know anything about Lamu, then of course you know this. But this means Lamu Airport is not in Lamu, but on the neighboring island called Manda. It is from the jetty that you get a boat across the channel to Lamu Tamu!

This was Migz’s look when he discovered that the landing he thought was Lamu/Manda was actually the Malindi stopover.


Then the turbulence in Manda just knocked him straight out.


When we landed from the twerking plane.


The producer, Chela, has hydrophobia. So between Nairobi and Lamu, both Chela and Migz had to ‘face their fears.’

#6 Lamu people are so friendly


@Kevdanative pointed it out when we met in the check out cafeteria at JKIA. Still, nothing really prepares you for the kind of hospitality and friendliness you get from people who live in and around Lamu.

Even a brief conversation about the project has to start with more than just the casual ‘hey.’ You have to start a conversation with a potential model with a brief conversation, and smile, always smile.



#5 The Chief is a cool guy


The chief is this chatty, sharp guy with an awesome name (Fankupi). I think it’s spelt with the ‘I’ but the name mantel on his desk spells it Fankupy. By the time we do the short courtesy call at the hotel next door where we found him and the short walk to his office to sign the visitor’s book, we know so much about Lamu that it now feels like home.

Did I mention that he is a gadget head? He has a smartphone whose brand I couldn’t quite capture, but it looks like a HTC or Huawei; but that tablet on his desk was surely an iPad. I think I glanced at him using WhatsApp on his phone. Lamu has 3G by the way.

The most eye-catching thing in his office was this dhow pen though. It looks uncomfortable to write but he signs his official documents with it.


We all thought it was for aesthetics but he told us it’s because he lost so many pens to visitors with itchy fingers that he sought a pen that was too conspicuous to steal.

#5 How to handle female models


Because Lamu is a Muslim town, one cannot simply walk up to women and take random shots even of spontaneous moments. Other than the basics of etiquette that are emphasized here, it is important to handle female models with greater sensitivity than the male ones. In most cases, she must get first approval from her husband or father.


But the men will readily offer you their wives as models or henna artists. This random guide we got, Cisqo, made sure his wife was nearby when we landed on the jetty from our evening boat ride to chase the sunset. Then we met a guy called Cisqo who seems to be the general factotum…and the guy can make a hard sell. She wanted to do Chela’s henna tattoos but she ended up signing up as a model. So it goes.

#4 Donkeys, Donkeys, Donkeys


Lamu’s narrow streets make it impossible to use vehicular transport here. Our logistics guy, Wachira, pointed out that there are probably five cars here-then one passed on the street at that moment. Which means we had seen 20% of all the vehicular traffic on this gorgeous island?

Donkeys here are used to transport pretty much anything. Donkey taxis, donkey carts, donkey everything.

I climbed on one when Migz and the rest of the team weren’t looking. The donkeys are mostly slender and the only saddle is a thin bag. I got off almost as soon as he galloped a bit and my pelvis started to crack. To think these guys are at it all day?


#3 History, Heritage


As one of the oldest surviving settlements in Kenya, Lamu is a history buff’s dream heaven! I have written so many stories of this place without ever being here. Every guide seems suspiciously conversant with the town’s heritage, and most get the facts right. The younger guys are hazier on the facts, quick to quote dates, but older guys like Chief Fankupy do it so easily and have so much to offer.

Lamu fort, Lamu square, the canons, the Old Town, the Present Town, Shela…you are spoilt for choice here. You are also spoilt for choice on guides. The younger ones are faster and more proactive, and will readily offer you deals before you even stop to talk to them.


#1 The Afternoon Siesta

This is an evening shot though...

This is an evening shot though…

Nothing had prepared us for how important the afternoon siesta is to the people of Lamu. Almost every first contact we made; our guide Pascal, the chief Fankupy and a random boat guy, pointed it out. The people of Lamu take their afternoon siesta very very seriously.

Migz can’t get many shots done in those few hours between 12.00 noon and 3.00 because the town slows down to a near standstill. People only wake up for those 4.00 pm prayers.


Safaricom is using the #CaptureKenya challenge for the 2014 calendar. Join the different teams in their quests for the perfect shots on Twitter using the hashtag #CaptureKenya.



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10 Tools to Show your Bananas that You Love Them

Bananas will take over the world. Bananas will live forever, even aliens and cats will bow down to bananas.

Proof of evolution, and the official mascot of the list

Proof of evolution, and the official mascot of the list

Most of the tools described here are meant for children below six and psychopaths, and since your mother has allowed you to access the internet, and your mother is a responsible woman then it only follows that you should be reading this on your way to therapy.
#10  FC-305 Banan Plantain Slicing Machine, Pepper Slicing Machine (FC-305)

This is by far the heaviest tool here, and the most expensive, and the least nifty.

Trust this one to come from China, and from the comments to that video, there is a big market for this slicing machine also named by the laziest person ever. Since this is made in and marketed from China, we can guess that the below minimum wage branding guy felt that removing one vowel was enough. What should worry us more is that an exectutive or gang of them agreed to the death of a vowel. granted, someone must have thought the ‘a’ appears one time too many.

You probably need a license for this too...

You probably need a license for this too…

This tool goes for USD 1350-USD 1750, depending on…it is 100kg and has a capacity of 500-800kg per hour.

#9 -Banana Slicer

You need this tool because, well, because you will need to slice bananas really fast when the Zombie Apocalypse makes human settlement impossible. You will need to slice them while on the move, and this tool can make that task easy.

Its a quick, painless death, why should the bananas suffer?

Its a quick, painless death, why should the bananas suffer?

“Slice an entire banana with one quick motion. Kids love slicing their own bananas. Safer than a knife. Made from dishwasher safe material.”
Mrs. Toledo here who will tell you how much it has helped her marriage
Mrs. Toledo
or user SW3K here who will attest to how much the banana slicer 571B links with the criminal justice system.
it even has a military endorsement

Roswell, now you know what the aliens brought.

Roswell, now you know what the aliens brought.

Although some are not satisfied

We might need species specific slicers

You can view more reviews here.
There are very many other models in this class of banana tools including the Amco 3 in 1 Banana Split tool  that does more than just split, it also peels and cuts your banana so you can save time.


#8 Chef’n Banana Banana Slicer

You might need to put this in the pre-nup.

You might need to put this in the pre-nup.

Apart from being named by the laziest creative on this line of branding teams, this tool is unique because all you need to do is ‘hold over a bowl and squeeze’ and slice bananas in seconds.

Chef bananza” A hole in the device has been manufactured with different species and sizes of bananas in mind, so that any one can be slipped inside to undergo systematic slicing.” (Sir, its okay to say you were experimenting and you sliced off something that should not have been in the Chef in the first place)

#7 Banana Peeler

First, I don’t mean the slang, urban-dictionary sanctioned meaning of the banana peeler.

Calm your bananas...

Calm your bananas…

Or this one whose function I am either too stupid to understand or someone in the brand team was too lazy to think up something unique
If you have a habit of not unseeing things, do not watch the video below

#6 Koziol Bananenschäler Fips transparent rot/Koziol Banana Peeler Fips transparent red

First, stop whatever it is you are doing with your life and know this, you need this tool!

It will change the way you understand your banana...

It will change the way you understand your banana…

When you click on that link, google translate will tell you that the line
“Der kleine Affe knackt die Banane , hilft beim Entfernen der weichen Streifen und kann auch noch die braunen Stellen weglöffeln.” directly (contextually) translates to “Ideal for children . The monkey (Contextually, the banana ‘opener’ is designed like a monkey) breaks the banana , helps remove the soft stripes and can also weglöffeln the brown spots”
it comes in other colors.

Gizmodo doesn’t think it is cool but Gizmodo is wrong, except the part where they say bananas are ‘Mother nature’s most perfect food.

Meanwhile, outside your kitchen window...

Meanwhile, outside your kitchen window…

#5 The Banana Saver Clip

Cock your banana, save it from oxidization!

Cock your banana, save it from oxidization!

If there’s any entry that has made it here more for being cute than because of any functionality, its the Banana Saver Clip (we can find about two legal uses, and five illegal ones, for entry #1).

The Banana Kamasutra...

The Banana Kamasutra…

What is interesting about the Saver Clip is not that it helps keep half eaten bananas fresh by posing as the complete banana but that it has an economic angle.

Buying this will save the world economy...

Buying this will save the world economy…

It belongs to the line of fruit savers, saving us all from wanton spending, one banana at a time.

#4 Banana Measuring Device

I call this the ‘banandom’ because, well, see below…

The How To Manual for this one must be PG-rated...

The How To Manual for this one must be PG-rated…

You should not be cheated into buying shorter or longer bananas again! Get this, and no, a condom with random markings will not work (we checked and discovered that in addition to not being functional, it also makes the bananas impossible to peel).

#3 Banana Protectors

This is different from the banandom, just check

We have now escalated from protection to the real thing, okay, the real replica of the thing..

We have now escalated from protection to the real thing, okay, the real replica of the thing..

Banana Guard does two things, it keeps your bananas from bruising each other and one of them even glows in the dark. I will go ahead and say here that a glowing banana is creepy but cool, and there’s also the fact that it looks like something kinky.
The guy who created it, David Agulik, is an emergency room doctor, which makes this product the more suspicious. What is it that he has seen in the course of his work that made it a matter of life and death to have the BananaGuard?
There’s also the Banana fruit suit  “Protect your banana and it will be grateful; that is, until you eat it.” The evil laugh at the end is implied….

It is called the Banana Bunker, which just sounds like a yet-to-be released Durex line...

It is called the Banana Bunker, which just sounds like a yet-to-be released Durex line…

In this family you also have the Banana Bunker whose designer was a tad bit too inspired by something else
You can find it in different poses, colors and designs at the official website.

Here is how to use it

#2 Dazzling Banana

Trust the Japanese to try and spoil the party by making something that is more functional than everyone else.
You know how the Japanese like to throw the word ‘psuedo’ around because it ends with a vowel and its a model of something real?

Bananas in Japan seem awkwardly short too, hhhmmm, the Japanese gods are allergic to length?

Bananas in Japan seem awkwardly short too, hhhmmm, the Japanese gods are allergic to length?

Dazzling Banana does not peel bananas,heck, its not even the real thing!

It just “…creates the sensation that one is peeling a banana, and that’s not all, it has sound effects to go with the sensation….”
This crazy contraption actually simulates peeling a banana, it has a built in speaker which makes the experience more realistic.

Japanese designer, this how true banana look like. This how 2 real banana look like, look, learn, bow.

Japanese designer, this how true banana look like. This how 2 real banana look like, look, learn, bow.

#1 WikiHow
Yes, we have a DIY website as a tool.



There is a whole WikiHow page dedicated to the art of peeling a banana.
There are 9 (known and legal) ways to peel a banana and surprisingly, using the other tools on this list is not listed as one of them.


…surprisingly, no mention on how to peel ‘boneless’ bananas…

You can learn how to do it like a monkey

The fact that video above has had 4 million views should count for something (ignoring the fact that he is wearing monkey pants).

The Throwing Method takes the cake, sorry, banana.



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Of Cockroaches, and Why They Own You

Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?

Cock…(continued at the end)

Every house has cockroaches except that some have infestations and others have small populations. Even when you have done everything your mother, the ultimate exterminator, taught you about getting rid of cockroaches, you still see them around your house. If you don’t, ask yourself where they might be hiding so well that they can run their own things without you even noticing. Its why they call it ‘pest control’ and not ‘pest annihilation’, when you finally find their lair and see how fast they breed and how well they run their shit, disorganized cities though when compared to ants, then you understand why your mother would spend a whole day cleaning the entire house at the sight of just a single cockroach.

Cockroaches must have hidden in the Ark and moved with man from Africa (there evolutionists and creationists, I just put your claims in the same sentence, now hug and make up!) to the rest of the world. That’s why this Wikipedia article will tell you of American, German, Asian, Oriental (am sure if you looked at them through a microscope, they have squinted roach compound eyes), tropical, and then now, supposedly extinct ‘roachoids.’

This one will tell you that cockroaches have survived since the age of the dinosaurs, have evolved to ensure they can live for a month with no food, two weeks without water, hold their breath for 40 minutes and live without a head for a whole week (talk about giving head). Even scarier, they can run up to 3 miles an hour, although am sure Kenyan ones are faster (keep this in mind, it will come in handy later) and most interestingly, mate only once and stay pregnant for life. Think about that, a female cockroach only has sex once, and then just keeps shitting roach eggs its entire life. This means the male roaches have to really work hard to be a lifetime father?

If you thought you had seen the worst of cockroaches then read this, and find out the tricks evolution is playing on us. Did you see that? Flying cockroaches! ‘It’s big — about the size of your thumb — and it has wings, and it’s attracted to light.’ Still, it is thought that cockroaches could originally fly and have only lost this ability to adapt to living on the ground as scavengers. Which means all those cockroaches in your house have tiny vestigial wings and, if you make life too hard for them, will just switch on the evolution button and your infestation will just become scarier and more airborne.


So, here is my breakdown of the universal species of cockroaches:

The Confident Roach: This is the worst type of roach because it waits until you have guests and then chooses that moment to dash across your living room. It does not bother to hide against the carpet or run along the wall. Instead, it dashes right across the room so everyone can see it. The worst part is not that your guest sees it, but that you actually see it first and then have to watch helplessly as your guests eyes fall on the marathon roach and smile awkwardly. If the said guest is a crush or someone you aspire to date or lay, whichever the case, then the confident roach becomes the confident roaches. At that moment, they become Bolt, Gay and Powell, and their kids, and instead of one cockroach migrating, you have three running across the room. That’s three times the amount of embarrassment because where one would have been excusable, three indicate that you have an infestation and should probably call the exterminator, your mother. 3 miles per hour is the highest recorded speed, but when you have guests they do like half a mile an hour to increase the chance that your guest will see them too.

The Cake Roach: I say cake because it is the one snack with a clear wrapping that you have to store with its wrapping if you intend to eat it later. This roach is just caught doing what it does when you are sleeping, eating your cake. Sometimes, you get the odd feeling that this might be the one you see but they might have been many when you were not looking. It’s like being the last guy in an orgy, and getting caught while at it when everyone else has gotten off and left. It’s even worse if your cake has raisins or some other fruit because the instant you see the roach, you will want it to be a raisin in motion and not a roach. This transcends to most foods, even sugar, and I have spotted a roach in a cake still on the supermarket shelf. It makes you wonder, how many roaches have we eaten without knowing?

The Loo roach: This is the villain of the roaches because its lair is in one place you can’t spend all your time. Do an experiment with this one, to know whether you have an infestation, wake up in the middle of the night, open the door of your washroom slowly, close, and then switch on the light. If you can immediately trace one on the floor, one on the wall, one on the door and one on the toilet seat then congratulations, you have an infestation! To them, you are like the police, distracting meetings and rallies, or mass orgies and they hate you for it.

The School Bag roach: I have only seen this once, many years ago when a school mate became an agent of evolution. The school bag roach is exactly what you think it is, it is the roach you carry to school because it slipped into your lunch or break and no one spotted it. Your wish at this point is that only you sees it and not your classmates because then you will become the guy or girl with a roach. Guys can laugh it off, girls, sadly, will use it against you in a fight and it will hurt. I guess you can also call it the briefcase roach, the one you carry to work and it starts running around and mating with another species and then you have started a new infestations.

The Roaches-You-Do-Not-See: This one’s scare me the most because you know they are there, but you do not see them. You have not found their lair or ever seen them yet when you wake up in the morning and you have this creepy feeling that hidden somewhere in the walls, the crevices, lurking behind the water dispenser or fridge is a family of cockroaches that does not help you pay rent. You know they are there, but you never see them. They moved the coffee, or the plate of food you did not care to clean last night because you were too tired. Hell, they even cleaned the plate for you because their mother, unlike yours, told them that a plate must be cleared of its food for the child to claim he or she is full, and must be washed and dried before you sleep. You are sure you left some morsels of food on the plate, and you left it on the edge of the top part of the faucet, and not inside yet when you wake up in the morning it is inside the faucet and there are no morsels around. It couldn’t be rats, you are sure, and you do not have a cat, so it could not be that either. If you are in this dilemma then it’s the roaches you do not see, the ones currently staring at you from the crevices, laughing their little exoskeletons off at the prank they have played on you. Moving the plate took like a hundred of them working all night but seeing you staring at the plate for ten minutes now, it was all worth it.

The Roach-that-doesn’t-die: You know when they say roaches can survive nuclear fallout? Doesn’t it scare you then that for the most intelligent species on earth, we humans cannot survive a fall out unless we are coated with several kilometers of lead and live in a bunker one hundred miles away? For a species that is supposedly at the height of its evolutionary process, we fair badly when compared to cockroaches. Still, what do they put in the sprays and ointments that is worse than nuclear rays? It makes you wonder whether Mortein Doom is worse than an atomic bomb for it to make a cockroach wriggle, turn upside down and die. Whenever I spray a cockroach and it does that, and I forget to throw it in the bin or flush it down the loo, then I come back later and it’s not there, two things come to mind. One, his family has carried him to bury him by eating his innards out and are now plotting on seeking justice by eating half my cake and then leaving just one of them to disgust me enough to the throw what they have left behind away. Two, that the spray just gave such a nice high that he just fell, turn and lay on his back shaking his insect legs and then blacked out, he cannot, it would seem, ‘hold his beer.’ He has therefore woken up, probably thrown up and left a puddle too tiny for me to see and is now in a cockroach bar giving the crazy story to his cockroach friends that goes something like ‘So today that stupid human who lives in my house…”

… Cock Who?

Cockroach!*runs and hides*

Owaahh ©


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The Cat Likes to be Kicked…

I stood up to go somewhere, but now I do not know where it was, or what I was going to do when I got there. There’s the door I opened and closed, built by my grandfather’s friend and ‘shipped’ on an old donkey cart, repaired many times since, and still holding.

I crossed it, walked over the cat even, a cat with dark scary eyes, cold even. I crossed over it because I am tired of kicking it, it likes to be kicked. Every time, it runs back and snuggles on my foot, that scary black cat with white fur patches. Behind the door was someone’s bad idea of a ‘cat potty’, a small carton that once held cooking oil cans, now half-filled with soil to give it an actual feel. I ignore it every time, but I do not, I can not, I try to, I try to not look at it, but I do, always. It is a bored cat that has few rats to chase, I suppose, and its bowels might be quite easy to clean if it does not worry of its delicacy, it must be a boring life, but the cat rules, and we men must obey and serve at her behest, or when we think she does.

The room was built many years ago by a man who was once young, like me, now an old wiry man who walks with a limp and leans on an aging stick. His hands are rough, because I have met him and had to shake it, his hand. He looks at me and I look away, my reasons are simple, I do not will to intimidate the man on who’s supposed genius I trust the roof to hold, the walls to stay, the floor to survive and the windows to open. Okay, maybe he does intimidate me a little, what if he made mistakes, and now, when the roof falls, or the walls give way as I slumber, or the windows refuse to open when my claustrophobia kicks in, I have to suffer for them?

Death, the death, because there is nothing like it. When the walls crumble, but I forget things. I had two rabbits once, live ones, young cute things I was bound to destroy. I always peeped to see whether I could find them doing the ‘nasties’ but never did. Poor things, they died, I did not kill them, okay, maybe I did, but not intentionally. But they died anyway, and I dug two small holes and buried them after I read them their last rites, I even made a small cross from twigs and ‘planted flowers’. Rabbits, living things, dying things.

I am standing here, heading somewhere I cannot remember. I can’t ask myself ‘Where were you going?’ because then I would not be referring to myself in first person, and I might think myself mad, like I always do. So, where were you going? You jumped over the coffee table, brushed past the seat, ignored the hanging on the wall of an actual hanging. Poor man has a noose, and its the moment right before they kick the stool, artists be mad, as people who rape grammar would say. Did you see what I just did there? I just wrote a sentence that can mean two things if you read one word like a gangster, its either an ambiguity or a pun, you decide. Love, it crossed your mind as you crossed the door, it was a cross of crosses, but it was a flash back, a little morsel of nostalgia in the distant past, painful yet somehow liberating. Success, you did get past the door and the cat successfully, no? Feng Shui has kept your mojo right, defended you from the builder’s oversight, the mason’s drunkenness, the painter’s laziness, the carpenter’s lack of creativity…you are here now.

The cat followed me to this other room, and now we are both standing stupidly, gazing at nothing, wondering what we came here to do in the first place. I might as well kick it!


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Once more into the fray (Live and Die on this day)

“Once more into the fray

Into the last good fight I’ll ever know…”


My penance piety does not suffice

As the fray takes toll upon my mortal

As the dagger slices and dices

The fort crumbles…


Hope and pray I be reborn

To dive into the fray one other

To face demons whose fire I stoke

That my soul for peace to have

My heart for ants to feed

Yet death hath become this life I boast

All good fights have come to this

The moment on which I stand

The weapon upon my hand

Broken sheath under my feet


On this day I am born

On this day I die

I must hope and pray

That one day I learn to hope and pray


Eyes gaze beyond the clouds

For an omen I might see

This fort mine blessing and curse.


Immortality it might be

The bright light that cometh my way

Into the last good night I’ll ever see.


“…Live and die on this day

Live and Die on this day.”


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OYGK Magazine

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Life in Data Points


Travel. Discover. Explore

Sanna Arman

"I want people to remember me as someone whose life has been helpful to humanity" ~ (In) Thomas Sankara (I believe)

Moonchild's Temple

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim's Blog




With great power comes great responsibility

Chanyado. Shade. Respite from the sun. A place under the tree to rest my head, and wiggle my toes out in the sun.


Intelligent. Kenyan.

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