7 Best Sunrise Amateur Shots from Team Coast #CaptureKenya

04 Nov

The sun at the coast rises too fast and too early, so you have to be up and awake by 5 am to catch it at is most beautiful. Places like Lamu might even need you to wake up earlier.

The gorgeous part of the sunrise takes all of 25 minutes, then the small pink horizon changes to orange, and then by 7 is as hot as chicken-feather-plucking water.

Here are my best 7, taken with my loyal Sony Xperia S-the charge guzzler that I took for this epic adventure.

#7 Lamu


The sun rises over Manda Island and sets across the horizon from Shela. Sunrises might be a bit plain when you see the alternatives, but the sunsets in Lamu from Shela are the most scenic wonders of the orange balls, except for an eclipse, that you have ever seen.

#6 Lamu Too




#5 Vasco da Gama


The producer, Chela, keeps mispronouncing the Portguese explorer’s name as “Vasco Gadama.’

 #4 The sun from Watamu

The sun is already harsh by 0610 hours.  The guy swimming in the middle is a burly guy we designated our group thug, Ronnie.

The sun is already harsh by 0610 hours. The guy swimming in the middle is a burly guy we designated our group thug, Ronnie.

Sunrise in Watamu starts a bit later than it does in Lamu, but might not be as picturesque as the sunset.

We had already left Turtle Bay by the time the eclipse happened. Then a friend tagged me in this image of the solar eclipse as viewed from Watamu…

#3 Mombasa


Not much to see from the beach, but the dance between the clouds and the orange ball is captivating. I took this photo at 6.10 am, which means the sun might rise latest here compared to Lamu and Malindi.


#2 Mida boring


The mouth of the creek is visible on the far right. The sun was actually rising in the opposite direction, but the way it lights up the area makes the creek look so harmless. You can walk inside most of its expanse. 

#1 Mida’s Secrets

Mida 1

My personal favorite. Mida Creek is astonishingly beautiful, and the purple sky when the sun is peeking out will remain a highlight of this journey.

 Owaahh, 2013.


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